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Ted (Vorathep) Rangchaikul

Founder and CEO

- TedPartners Management Consulting Co. Ltd
- Institute of Leadership & Management Excellence

Past Experiences:

(Remark: TedPartners is currently working on major business expansion project and organization efficiency improvement projects for the company)
Achieved the highest ever sales and profit and consistently beat the Operating Plans and KPIs despite being challenged by highly adverse construction and cement market situation on top of major changes in the company after the departure of Holcim, the joint venture managing partner for over 15 years.

Create the superior, stand-alone organization post Holcim’s departure.

Acquired and set up the world most advance ERP system at that time – SAP HANA – through the collaboration with Accenture and many other leading suppliers, in order to gain long term sustainable competitive advantage.
It was the first launch of SAP HANA in heavy manufacturing industry in South East Asia and was implemented with the world record time of 9 months. SAP HANA at SCCC was a global showcase of both Accenture and SAP in the following year.

Partnered with various major consulting firms and suppliers to set up the world class standard of end-to-end key driving elements and systems of the enterprise from “Vision, Mission and Value”, code of conduct, accounting & finance, Route-to-Market & logistics, and procurement. As a result, over 600 mm baht saving was created in the first year from the improved efficiency with new system.

Joint ventured with a long-term Cambodian distributor to build a 9.7 billion baht cement plant in Cambodia. The plant was completed in 2017 and generated significant profit contribution to both partners.

Established Technical Learning Center focusing on the highest standard of training and certifying job competencies at the Saraburi Plant.

Established dual career paths (to develop clear career paths of both Management route and Technical route at the plant), Next Generation Leaders’ Career Visibility Program (to fast track the high performers), and Scholarship & Training recruitment program in Engineering Schools (to replace regular ad hoc hiring of new engineers).

First to receive “Green Industry Level 5 Award”, the highest level of achievement for environmental care and control provided by the Ministry of Industry, in 2014.

Was accepted in July 2015 to be a member of CSI (Cement Sustainability Initiatives) which is under the governance of WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development).
Double sales and profit in three and a half years from an already large base. Sales turnover reached 20 billion baht in 2012.

Took over market leadership position in the Diary category from Foremost Campina in 2011 and significantly widen the market shares gap afterwards.

Achieved all time high market shares in all participating categories.

Architected and brought to life “best in class” retail distribution capability, covering 330,000 outlets via newly acquired 510 vans, 32 depots, and 1200 people. Enabled to reach over 70% numeric distribution in one month when launching any new product.

Aggressively expanded regionally. Achieved Dairy Market Leadership position in the Philippines, Laos and Myanmar.

Was elected to be the Chairman of Pineapple Industry, Thai Food Processor Association, from April 2011- April 2013.

United the highly fragmented pineapple industry members and caused the alignment of their objectives and agendas which is fundamentally important to be successful in the global trading market.
Sales increased by 173% and profit increased by 256% in 6 years amid highly adverse market condition from social impact and tax imposition.

Achieved all time high market shares in all participating categories.

The Thai company has been regionally and globally recognized in Diageo as a showcase for “Beating the Competition”.

Achieved landscape change in CR (Corporate Relations) agenda. Developed CR team and its capability from basic to mastery.

Built the organization from below average with poor morale to top 20% organization based on Hewitt Survey in 2008.

S&OP (Sales and Operation) system was developed as the role model with the global team to be adapted by all countries globally.

Won numerous global awards including Smirnoff Market of the Year.
Double the business in Thailand, which was the biggest piece of business and being the center of excellence for the region, within 5 years.

Established export model for Malaysia and Singapore and increased the business by three folds within two years.

Successfully partnered with Diethelm, the exclusive distributor (Diethelm) and able to gain the recognition of “Best in Category” in terms of distribution, display and visibility.

Built brands loyalty and market shares, reaching all time high levels in all categories.

Set up and developed a highly competitive marketing team with full in-house training capability. Recruitment has been done only at the starting level. At the time, this model has proven to be effective, continuously strengthen itself and able to support talent requirement beyond the Thai company
Experienced in handling all of the Colgate product categories (Oral Care, Personal Care, Fabric Care, Hard Surface Care and Dish Care) with the exception of Baby Care.

Consistently rated as a top performer and was sent to work as a Global Marketing Manager at Colgate Palmolive Head-quartered in New York as part of a career development program.