Program FACT SHEET for
Advanced Management Program for CEO's & Successors (AMPC-2)

First of its kind program in Thailand dedicated to transform both you & your business to

1. Becoming a greater CEO: an inspiration to your employees and community.

2. Generating a successful business: by having the right strategy, implementation plan and making the right, purposeful and on-time decision

The Uniqueness of AMPC as CEO Training Program:

Practicality: CEOs to coach and mentor CEOs in the most practical way:

Renowned top professionals/leaders in their industry who are highly successful as well as having prodigious ability to deliver the know-how;

  • Sharing best practices,
  • Models and tools from experiences;
  • Pointing out failures and what not to do;
  • Can put it to use right away (realistic & approachable)

Heart of the Curriculum “TRANSFORMATION IN THE DIGITAL AGE”: Transform you and your business to successful in the increasingly disruptive environment

  • Acquire the skills to Revitalize, Reinvent, and Restructure your business and learn all critical areas needed for modern business success: Digital era and the Implication, Digital Strategy Transformation, Best practice and preparation for Artificial Intelligence, Big data analytics and block-chain, Digital Media Transformation.
  • Three levels of Bus. Finance, Sharing of key cases from consulting firms, Sustainability and SE, Mindfulness & Meditation

Personal Development Plan: Building from self-discovery on both professional as well as personal level

  • On-line test and consultation with Global Specialist from Korn Ferry, one of world’s best expert in leadership development through their KF4D tools together with 360-degree feedback: Fully aware of what you are and who you are
  • Discover your true north: Fully aware of why you are
  • Setting straight your personal as well as professional goals: who and what you want to be
  • Develop the personal develop plan for transformation through the program – what to do and what not to do

Formation of Your Own Business Plan while participating in the Program

  • Management Consulting Firm with proven success record, TedPartners, to closely work with you – our premier service Signature Mentoring Program

Multi-Level Finance Classes

  • Offering finance class at 3 level offerings from Fundamental, Intermediate to Advanced level; You can be sure that we have finance class that fits your current financial background and you will be developed to graduate from Advanced level.

Program Offers Views from Both Local as well as Global Perspectives

  • Captures the modern local and global perspective through valuable local and global case studies.

Post Graduation Follow Up with Program Participants

  • 6 months follow up after AMPC graduation to ensure course effectiveness and real life application

Advanced Management Program for CEO's & Successors (AMPC-2)

Our Lecturers & Mentor's for AMPC - Gen 2

Program Curriculum

Realization – The Wakeup Call

Understand the future digitalization landscape and how you can take the advantage of it instead of being a victim

  • Fully grasp the current landscape: the most up-to-date impact from digitalization by key industries, locally, regionally and globally.
    - How the brick & Mortar businesses have reacted?
    - What succeeded and failed?
    - What are the key learning that we must learn?
  • The future landscape from digitalization:
    What are definite, most likely, possible and not possible to happen and most importantly what could be the impact, especially if you do nothing?
  • How to set you and your business up for success in this very challenging environment.
    - How you turn the table to take the advantage of it……….
    This will lead to the next agenda

Able to Create the Powerful Drivers for Success –

Where Most Have Failed

Organization Purpose as a Powerful Driver for Success in the Digital Age

  • Understand and develop the reason to exist. Realize the power of Organization Purpose
  • Able to overcome the challenges with clarity on why your organization matters to the market place – opportunity to review, sharpen and create a truly powerful Organization Purpose
  • Case study, group work and sharing of best practices that created success as well as the cases of failure

Vision, Mission and Value Under the New Light

  • The best practice of developing and making them to become the fully aligned and meaningful sense of direction. Being a powerful driver for success
  • Case study, group work and sharing of best practices and failures

Goals and Performance Management System (PMS) or Objectives and Key Results (OKR) or tool(s) that lies somewhere in between.
What is the perfect tool to Create High Performing Organization and People?

  • Review the PMS, OKR or any tool(s) as the main drivers to build a high performing organization and people. Understand where, when and why PMS, OKR and other tools works and fails. Addressing the new trend of rejecting original PMS on annual evaluation: too long, too many goals, goals are not aligned between employees and it takes too long to do. Understand the failure of both extremes and most importantly to derive with the solution to make evaluation works beautifully
  • Case study, group work and sharing of best practices and failures

Transform your Leadership Most Effective Practical Way

Discover your True North and Creating Personal Statement

  • Understand that one will be at his/her best when he/she drives from the core – True North
  • Live interview
  • Workshop to discover your True North and to develop your personal goals and personal statement

Essentials of Leadership and People Development in the most practical way

  • Workshop on leadership excellence in the most practical way. Sharing of world class advice, experiences and best practices with case studies

Understand Who You Are, What You Are, and Why You Are, from One of The Best World Class Tools
Understand yourself with absolute clarity in the most practical way

  • Workshop by Korn Ferry top management on a world best leadership development tool: K4D
  • Each participant will be provided with individual session with the expert from Korn Ferry to interpret your personal data from KF4D and to provide valuable input to build personal leadership development plan
  • Getting the reading from 360 Feedback in the individual session

Develop Your Personal Development Plan and Set Up the Journey for Success

  • Personal Coaching Session: Taking what you have learned from the Essentials of Leadership session, your personal statement, together with self-awareness from both KF4D and 360 Feedback to develop Personal Development Plan (PDP with personal coaching by the experts from Ted Partners
  • Transforming your leadership to master the change management with excellence according to your PDP. Close partnership with Ted Partners during the transformation journey is optional

Learn to Be Great at Strategy: Creating Both Short and

Long Term Sustainable Successes in the Digital Age

Essentials of Strategy in the disruptive environment

  • Understand the essence of strategy from the top management perspective and in the most practical way, especially in the context of fast changing and disruptive world
  • Sharing of valuable lesson learned from management and consulting experiences of the lecturer partners where strategy played the key roles in the successes and failures of the organizations including start-ups
  • Formulation of the strategy to capture the growth potential in different situation – with large number of local and global case studies, group work and sharing of the strategy model
  • Strategy House – the main vehicle to orchestrate the whole organization from strategy to action with full accountability. To be able to master the strategy house’s orchestration effectively as the CEO

Reinvent, Revitalize and Restructure (3R) the Business

  • Sharing of valuable lesson learned from management and consulting experiences of the lecturer partners who directly and frequently dealt with the 3R.
  • Understand the essence, key success factors, most common causes of failure with the proven models & tools on how to make it work, aided by best practices and large number of local and global case studies in various industries and situations
  • Workshop on your own case: your company

Learn How to Transform You and Your organization taking

advantage of digitalization in the Digital Age

Digital Business Transformation, Key Trends and Implications

  • Advanced and innovative digital technology has become a new norm for both consumers and organizations. It presents both challenges and opportunities to everyone.
  • Case study on how some leading organizations successfully transform themselves
  • Exploring key concept of agility as a new path to innovation
  • Examining the implications of some leading edge technologies, such as AI, Blockchain, etc., on businesses and all types of organizations

What are the six common ways that businesses have successfully transformed in this digital age

  • Learn from global, regional and local cases
  • Capitalize the learning and adapting to transform your business

Artificial Intelligence and its implication, now and in the near future

  • Best practice of what are already available
  • How to prepare to take the advantage of what to come

How to Master Big Data Analytics in The Most Practical Way

  • How to set up yourself and your organization for success with Big Data Analytics.
  • Spending money blindfully without the right purpose and strategy is a hugh waste
  • Learn to master and reap the benefits of big data analytics in the most efficient and practical way

Essentials of “Management of Data, Insight and Report” to create competitive advantage and enable transformation in the digital age

  • Insights about data: what will be the right data and how to get them
  • Data to insights: how to generate insights from data
  • How to create competitive advantage from the data/insight

Essential of Media Transformation in the Digital Age. The Implications - What and how to Prepare for

  • From Linear to Multi-dimensional Omni-channel: Fully understand changes in media landscape from audience point of view along with shift in purchasing journey
  • From Media KPI to Marketing ROI: Leveraging big data and analytic econometric modeling in generating informed decision through predictive ROI.
  • From Global to Local: successful case study in media transformation that transform business

Able To Transform Your Financial Capability Regardless

Of Your Current Position And Industry You Are In

Essentials of Finance I: Fundamental

  • Understand essentials of Finance at the basic level

Essentials of Finance II: Intermediate

  • Understand and develop solid capability of CEO’s job in Finance.

Essentials of Finance III: Advanced

  • Develop the knowledge of Finance at the sophisticated level of pre & post deal advisory, merger integration and carve-outs, financing due diligence, business valuation, formulating a debt-restructuring plan, creditor management, liquidity management and procurement of rescue financing.

Able to Create Organization Effectiveness and

Back Office Quick Wins

  • Insight management of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that will deliver the best outcome at the lowest cost
  • Adaptation of the world class S&OP process that is highly effective in fostering the organization to work in unity resulting in continuous productivity improvement and elimination of waste. Sharing of the successful model and key advice.
  • Adaptation of the world class New Product Navigation process that will make the difference with the success rate of new product launches over 80%. Sharing of the successful model with key advice.
  • Sharing model and best practices of the various quick wins in organization effectiveness. The most common ones are SKU rationalization, process and report streamlining through automation and new discipline.

Able To Develop The Path to Business Growth through

Sales and Distribution Channel

  • Segmentation and growth priorities
  • Channel mix and design
  • Modern sales process
  • Customer experience

Create The Passion and Become The Driver to Create

Sustainability. Show Cases On Corporate Social

Responsibility & Social Enterprise

  • Fully understand the core concept of sustainability and its positive impact if doing it right as well as negative impact if not doing or doing it wrong
  • Acquire practical learning from the recognized country leader in this field.
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of Social Enterprise show case and its implication.

Learn Mindfulness and Meditation for CEO To Create

Happiness And Betterment Of Your Life

  • Develop peace of mind with clarity, self-fulfilment and happiness, enable the betterment to both your professional and personal lives.
    The Mindfulness program can profoundly transform your life and shape your thinking.
    This meditation is known to also cure sleeping problem and can give practitioner long-term health improvement

Management Consulting Work with Each Participant:

  • Coaching, sharpening, aligning and synchronizing participant’s plans to reach high global standard and will deliver break-through results

Wrap Up Review on Transformation and Set Up the

Journey to Completion

  • Comprehensive review of the participants’ transformation towards the end of the program. What have already been transform and what are in the process that participants can utilize the learning and tools to further develop and transform by themselves after the program

Remark: Specific and detailed agenda of each day will be provided to the participants upon their arrival at the beginning of the first class

(Program Management reserves the right to change the program curriculum as appropriate)

Program Venue for AMPC - Gen 2

Program Value Cost for AMPC - Gen 2

AMPC GEN-2 Program Fee : 350,000 baht (Exclusive of 7% VAT)

  • Program Management reserves the right to screen the applicants to ensure the applicant's right match for attending AMPC
  • Payment will be due upon your receipt of our acceptance confirmation
  • However, due to the small size of the class (25 people), application will be closed as soon as the class is filled
  • For Registration please send an email at :-
    Call on 092-582-0888

  • Price Includes

    • One welcome group dinner
    • Two breaks and one lunch for each meeting day
    • One closing graduation dinner
    • KF4D On-Line Test & personal development consultation by Korn Ferry
    • 360 Degree Feedback
    • 3 Level Business Finance Courses
    • AMPC Graduation Certificate
    • Business Consultation by TedPartners during and post AMPC

Program Duration for AMPC - Gen 2

Thai Session: The Program will run every Friday and Saturday from 08.30 – 18.00 hrs

23rd August - 14th September 2019 @ Gaysorn Urban Resort