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Leadership Transformation Program

Key Concepts:

This is a Leadership Transformation Program, therefore, its objective is not only to provide knowledge and advice on leadership as typically offered by Leadership Education Program, but also to create true leadership transformation of the participants to be much better leaders, especially in the context of future leader.

Transformation usually will be evidenced shortly right after the program is over.

Highlights of the program are:

Build the awareness of the current and future impact from disruption as a result of digitalization and significant increase in competition in various industries, locally and globally.

Understand how the agenda of people and organization have changed, from motivating Gen Y, Z and beyond, to the need of becoming agile leader and agile organization.

What leaders and organization need to have and be like in order to be successful in the future.
Realize the power of alignment from rallying people behind the common goal.

Case study, group work and sharing of best practices on why alignment for the common goal is powerful.

Understand the reasons behind success and failure of various case studies.
Understand the Current Thinking VS Extraordinary Thinking model.

Understand Reality VS Possibility Matrix.

Implication and how to bring it to live.
Understand the essence of high performing organization.

High performing evaluation to create high performing organization.

What is the perfect tool to Create High Performing Organization and People?

Review the PMS, OKR and other tool(s) as the main drivers to build a high performing organization and people.

Understand where, when and why PMS, OKR and other tools works and fails. Develop the solution to make evaluation works effectively in your organization.

Case study, group work and sharing of best practices and failures.
Understand the essence of leadership, the strengths and weaknesses of each type and the requirement of the new world.

Learn the essence of multi-dimensions of leadership and the successful implication and technique to master them.

Understand the most common five reasons why leaders fail.

Learn from the important advice's of many world best business leaders and their case studies.

Discover your True North to understand your core driver.

Understand how one will be at his/her best when he/she drives from the core (with case studies) (20).

Learn how one can transform his/her leadership effectively.
Develop in-depth self- awareness of your current leadership identity:

Utilizing psychometric tool to understand yourself from inside out (with case studies).
Utilizing the core driver, discovered as your True North.
Utilizing 360 Feedback to develop self-awareness from outside in.

Develop your ultimate personal goals and career goals.

Develop your desired leadership identity that will enable you to achieve your personal and career goals.

Fully understand the gap between your current leadership identity and your desired leadership.

Learn how to transform your leadership effectively (specifically for each participant).
Set up the detailed plan and journey with key milestones and pit-stop to evaluate based on the identified gap and the newly acquired techniques for transformation.

Go one level up in order to create the right support in creating condition for you to succeed.

Establish coaching facility and plan (Optional).
1. Participants will need to take psychometric test and receive the results prior to coming to class.

2. Participants will need to take 360 Degree Feedback with the results available before to coming to class