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Key Concepts:

S&3R is a unique, one of its kind program that will not only provide vivid understanding of the strategy, and the development of strategy model, but also will bring to live the “how to” in the very practical way, in order to use the strategy model effectively and be successful in the fast changing, disruptive environment that requires agility.

Highlights of the program are:

Build the awareness of the current and future trend of disruption from digitalization, the impact, and the significantly increased competition in various industries, locally and globally.

Understand how the agenda of people and organization have changed, from motivating Gen Y, Z and beyond, to the need of becoming agile leader and agile organization which requires the most suitable Strategy Model.

In the broad term, how to set you and your business up for success.
Realize the power of alignment from rallying people behind common goal.

Case study, group work and sharing of best practices on why alignment for the common goal is critical.

Understand the reasons behind success and failure of various case studies.
Understand Current Thinking VS Extraordinary Thinking model.

Understand Reality VS Possibility Matrix.

Implication and how to bring it to live
Understand the essence of strategy and the strategy model, especially in the context of fast changing and disruptive world.

Sharing of valuable case studies and best practices where strategy model played the key roles in the successes and failures of the organizations including start-ups.

Learn the capability in formulation of the strategy model to create growth in different situations – with local and global case studies, group work and sharing of best practice in using strategy model.

Strategy House in an agile organization – the main vehicle that synchronize various strategies and enable to orchestrate the whole organization from strategy to action with full accountability of the key stakeholders in order to achieve the set goals with agility.

To be able to master the strategy house’s orchestration effectively.
Understand the general pattern of corporate growth, the growth gap and the pitfall VS real opportunities.

Understand the Core, Adjacency and White Space and how these related to the development of strategy.
Understand the essence, key success factors, most common causes of failure with the proven models & tools on how to make it work, aided by best practices and large number of local and global case studies in various industries and situations.

Workshop on your own case: your company.
Develop awareness of the latest digitalization’s trend and the potential impact, opportunities & threats.

Understand the six most common ways of how companies go digital successfully. Practice the 3R through these common ways.

Reflection, leverage the understanding, and forward thinking of the implication and possibility to take the advantage of the upcoming development to become the disruptor's.

Workshop and case studies will be used through-out the program. Some of the case studies will require the participants to read and answer questions before coming to class.