Our Purpose


TedPartners was found with the clear purpose of creating the “breakthrough” level of success to the organization or people it has partnered with.


This will be delivered by Ted together with the team of best professionals in the industries who will bring in great strategic thinking, wealth of experiences, proven best practices and models/tools that can be adapted to specific needs to deliver the results. Importantly, besides delivering breakthrough result, it is our goal that our strong partnership spirit and accountability will be missed by our client when the project is completed.


Value to Live


Excellence in what we do and deliver


Partnership is the code of conduct among ourselves and with the client


Inspiration from being regarded as a great partner, by our clients and among ourselves, and consistently delivering great result, is a big part of what makes us feel great everyday


Our Different Approach


We regard the client’s brief as critically important. We require to do proper due-diligence on the brief prior to make the decision whether to accept it. We often found that the exercise of sharpening the brief signficicantly helped the clients to be able to crystalize their own desires, and as a result, created the clarity and alignment of their expectation


Charge proposal primarily based on success fees


Ted Partners

"Management Consulting for Breakthrough Results"