1. Addressing the pain point of the CEOs – to be able to attend a high-quality (transformational level) program here in Thailand without the need to leave the country nor to leave work for a long time

AMPC is the first program in Thailand that directly addresses the need of the CEO to be able to transform him or herself to be an excellent leader as well as being able to create break-through business results

AMPC is going to be held here in Bangkok for the first time on every Friday and Saturday for a period of one month starting on the 18th January 2019 for the Thai Language Session and on the 22nd February 2019 for the English Language Session. The program is intensive with coursework requirements during the weeks. Prior to coming to the program, participants are required to take three on-line tests/feedback: 1) KF4D Leadership Test by Korn Ferry, 2) 360 Feedback, 3) Finance Test (for finance class placement).

There are two programs: 1) English Language and 2) Thai Language (with all English materials including English language guest speakers and lecturers)

(Please see details of the program at “Program Curriculum and Dates & Fee” on the Menu Tab)


2. Specially designed curriculum to create transformation for both individual and business 

The program will cover and dig deep into all the key disciplines for the participants to be able to successfully transform - from building the organization purpose that matters in the market – to having clarity of self-awareness and able to create leadership development plan that will guide individual transformation – to be excel in strategy formation and able to revitalize, reinvent and restructure the business that will cause business transformation – to become the real deal for corporate social responsibility that will create sustainability – to deeply understand mindfulness and able to realize the benefits of meditation which will transform the participants to have much better peace of mind, concentration, happiness and good health, mentally and physically. The program is designed to create transformation from end to end.


3. Top quality lecturers and guest speakers 

Each local and international lecturer of this program is one of the best, if not the best professional in its field who has proven not only to be highly successful in his/her profession but also having great ability to deliver the know-how. Our country leading guest speakers are not only nationally but also regionally recognized as the leaders who have highly admirable background, have made great difference in their respective fields and are the role-models.


4. Able to develop World Class Personalized Leadership Development Plan

Prior to coming to the program, each participant is required to do an on-line 360 Feedback plus an on-line Leadership Test from Korn Ferry called KF4D which is one of the world most advance and recognized as one of the best leadership development tool designed specifically for CEO. K4D was derived from a very large database of executives to build norms for the CEO. Participants will have the clarity of who they are, what they are and where they are in their career and life goals as well as the full awareness in key dimensions of strengths and areas for improvement. Participants will also be provided with personal coaching session with Korn Ferry’s specialist to interpret the KF4D report and to provide you with the valuable advice to build your leadership development plan.


5. Management Consulting offer to help sharpen the participant’s plans and putting them all together 

From this program, each participant will have the clarity of self-awareness with development plan, his/her organization purpose, his/her life and career goals with personal statement, strategy to revitalize, restructure and even to reinvent some or most of his/her businesses. Ted Partners offers to provide its premium quality management consulting to help sharpen and synchronize the participant’s plans to achieve the desired outcome


6. Multi-levels of financial management courses to support different levels of participants till graduation from Advanced Level  

We realize that CEOs come from various background which means that they will have different levels of financial management capabilities. AMPC is one of the few Executive Education programs in the world that recognized this and addressing it by offering multi-levels of financial management courses. Participants can be sure that they will have proper financial courses to match with their current levels and will be able to build their financial capability to the advance level regardless of where they are at the moment. The three courses are:




Participants are required to take an on-line test prior to coming to the program in order to determine which of the three levels that they will fall into.

Participants who are in the Fundamental Level are required to take all three classes while higher level participants are free to skip the lower classes.


7. Inclusion of local, regional and global perspectives 

We realize the importance of having not only depth but also breadth - broad perspective of regional and global market environment. Therefore, best practices, models & tools, case study materials including the nationalities and geographical expertise of the lecturers and speakers are not only for local but also global application. Often, broad perspective can be advantageous in giving the insight and predictability of what, when and where a particular development will happen or will cease to desist. Broad perspective knowledge can also be very useful in redefining and reinventing the business model before you have to.


8. Effective method of delivery – best practices from experience + case studies in a small class (36 people)

AMPC will be conducted primarily based on real experience, proven best practices, models and tools. We will use the combination of intensive case study, active participant’s interaction and sharing of experience, strategic thinking models and tools throughout the session. Participants can to take all these best practices, models and tools back to adapt and use in their own companies. In addition, this program was specially designed for a small class so that personal attention and time can be adequately given


Program Curriculum


Understand the landscapes that we are and will be in:

  • The current landscape: the most up-to-date impact from digitalization by key industries, locally, regionally and globally. How the brick & Mortar business reacted? What succeeded and failed? What are the key learning?
  • The future landscape: What are definite, most likely, possible and not possible to happen and what could be the impact?
  • How to set you and your business up for success……….This will lead to the next agenda

Organization Purpose.

  • Understand and develop the reason to exist. Realize the power of Organization Purpose
  • Able to overcome the challenges with clarity on why your organization matters to the market place – opportunity to review, sharpen and create a truly powerful Organization Purpose
  • Case study, group work and sharing of best practices that created success as well as the cases of failure

Vision, Mission and Value

  • The best practice of developing and making them to become the fully aligned and meaningful sense of direction. Being a powerful driver for success
  • Case study, group work and sharing of best practices and failures

Goals and Performance Management System (PMS) or Objectives and Key Results (OKR) or tool(s) that lies somewhere in between. What is the perfect tool to Create High Performing Organization and People?

  • Review the PMS, OKR or any tool(s) as the main drivers to build a high performing organization and people. Understand where, when and why PMS, OKR and other tools works and fails. Addressing the new trend of rejecting original PMS on annual evaluation (too long), too many goals, goals are not aligned between employees and it takes too long to do. Understand the failure of both extremes and most importantly to derive with the solution to make evaluation works beautifully
  • Case study, group work and sharing of best practices and failures

Discover your True North and Creating Personal Statement

  • Understand that one will be at his/her best when he/she drives from the core – True North
  • Live interview
  • Workshop to discover your True North and to develop your personal goals and personal statement

Essentials of Leadership and People Development

  • Transforming your leadership to master the change management with excellence
  • Workshop on leadership and management excellence, sharing of experience and best practices with case study

World Class Advice for Leadership Development Plan

  • Workshop on K4D Leadership Development Tool and how to read with examples by Korn Ferry management team during the general session
  • Each participant will be provided with individual session with the expert from Korn Ferry to interpret his/her personal data and to provide valuable input to build personal leadership development plan
  • Personal Coaching Session: Taking what participants have learned from Essentials of Leadership session together with self-awareness to develop Individual Leadership Development Plan with personal coaching from AMPC

Essentials of Strategy

  • Understand the essence of strategy, especially in the context of fast changing and disruptive world
  • Sharing of valuable lesson learned from management and consulting experiences of the lecturer partners where strategy played the key roles in the successes and failures of the organizations including start-ups
  • Formulation of the strategy to capture the growth potential in different situation – with large number of local and global case studies, group work and sharing of the strategy model
  • Strategy House – the main vehicle to orchestrate the whole organization from strategy to action with full accountability. To be able to master the strategy house’s orchestration effectively as the CEO

Reinvent, Revitalize and Restructure (3R) the Business

  • Sharing of valuable lesson learned from management and consulting experiences of the lecturer partners who directly and frequently dealt with the 3R.
  • Understand the essence, key success factors, most common causes of failure with the proven models & tools on how to make it work, aided by best practices and large number of local and global case studies in various industries and situations
  • Workshop on your own case: your company

Essentials of Organization Effectiveness and Back Office Quick Wins

  • Insight management of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that will deliver the best outcome at the lowest cost
  • Adaptation of the world class S&OP process that is highly effective in fostering the organization to work in unity resulting in continuous productivity improvement and elimination of waste. Sharing of the successful model and key advice
  • Adaptation of the world class New Product Navigation process that will make the difference with the success rate of new product launches over 80%. Sharing of the successful model with key advice
  • Sharing model and best practices of the various quick wins in organization effectiveness. The most common ones are SKU rationalization, process and report streamlining through automation and new discipline

The Path to Business Growth through Sales and Distribution Channel

  • Segmentation and growth priorities
  • Channel mix and design
  • Modern sales process
  • Customer experience

Digital Business Transformation, Key Trends and Implications

  • Advanced and innovative digital technology has become a new norm for both consumers and organizations. It presents both challenges and opportunities to everyone.

⁃ Case study on how some leading organizations successfully transform themselves
⁃ Exploring key concept of agility as a new path to innovation
⁃ Examining the implications of some leading edge technologies, such as AI, Blockchain, etc., on businesses and all types of organizations

Essential of Media Transformation

  • From Linear to Multi-dimensional Omni-channel: Fully understand changes in media landscape from audience point of view along with shift in purchasing journey
  • From Media KPI to Marketing ROI: Leveraging big data and analytic econometric modeling in generating informed decision through predictive ROI.
  • From Global to Local: successful case study in media transformation that transform business

Transformation in Financial Capability

  • Essentials of Finance I: Fundamental

Understand essentials of Finance at the basic level

  • Essentials of Finance II: Intermediate

Understand and develop solid capability of CEO’s job in Finance.

  • Essenti als of Finance III: Advanced

Develop the knowledge of Finance at the sophisticated level of pre & post deal advisory, merger integration and carve-outs, financing due diligence, business  valuation, formulating a debt-restructuring plan, creditor management, liquidity  management and procurement of rescue financing

Essentials of “Management of Data, Insight and Report” to create competitive advantage and enable transformation in the fast changing environment

  • Insights about data: what will be the right data and how to get them
  • Data to insights: how to generate insights from data
  • How to create competitive advantage from the data/insight

Sustainability: Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Enterprise

  • Fully understand the core concept of sustainability and its positive impact if doing it right as well as negative impact if not doing or doing it wrong
  • Acquire practical learning from the recognized country leader in this field
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of Social Enterprise show case and its implication

Mindfulness and Meditation for CEO

  • Develop peace of mind with clarity, self-fulfilment and happiness, enable the betterment to both your professional and personal lives. The Mindfulness program can profoundly transform your life and shape your thinking. This meditation is known to also cure sleeping problem and can give practitioner long-term health improvement

Management Consulting Work with Each Participant:

  • Coaching, sharpening, aligning and synchronizing participant’s plans to reach high global standard and will deliver break-through results

Wrap Up Review on Transformation and Set Up the Journey to Completion

  • Comprehensive review of the participants’ transformation towards the end of the program. What have already been transform and what are in the process that participants can utilize the learning and tools to further develop and transform by themselves after the program


Remark: Specific and detailed agenda of each day will be provided to the participants upon their arrival at the beginning of the first class


(Program Management reserves the right to change the program curriculum as appropriate)

Image Name English Position English

(Program management reserves the right to change as necessary)

Synopsis: Pain Point – Ted (Vorathep) Rangchaikul

I have been the Group CEO, CEO and MD for the past 22 years. There is one thing that I have been frustrated with in all these years as a pain-point which is the lack of top quality training in Thailand that I can send my CEO, MD and their successors there for ”transformation” and at the same time they will not have to be away from the companies for a long time. Because there was no such training in Thailand, I ended up having to send them to executive programs oversea every time. Therefore, it has been my passion to create a top quality training program that will address to this pain-point.

Now that I have my own company doing management consulting and training work and with the strong passion as said, I, together with the partners who are the top professionals in various industries, have developed “the Advance Management Program for CEO and CEO Potential / Successor (AMPC)” for the first time here in Thailand.

The highlights of the program are:

Best of the best speakers and lecturers. They are renown country leading guest speakers and best in the field, both local and international professionals, as lecturers who are not only highly successful in their career but also having the passion and skills to train

Case study and active group interaction style together with best practices, models, tools and templates that work. Many of these best practices and models have been modified or even relearned from global best practices to better suit the fast changing environment and to be very focused instead of one-size-fit-all global models which usually generate mediocre results at best. Participants are welcome to bring these best practices, tools and models back to work for their future use

Leadership Development Test which is KF4D, one of the best in the world from Korn Ferry, benchmarking with global and domestic norms, together with your 360 feedback and aligned with your True North to create individual development plans which we will work with you during the personalized coaching session to help you reach wherever you aim for in both personal and career goals

Multi-Levels of Finance Courses. Participants are required to do an on-line Finance Test before coming to the program. Therefore, we can correctly place participants to the right classes from Fundamental, to Intermediate, to Advanced level for CEO

Inclusive of local, regional and global perspectives. We realize the importance of having not only depth but also broad perspective of regional and global market environment. Therefore, best practices, models & tools, case study materials including the nationalities and geographical expertise of the lecturers and speakers are not only for local but also global application.

I am confident that you will find this program to be transformational.



Synopsis: Leadership and People Management

Prior to coming to the program, you are required to take one of the world best online leadership test for CEO by Korn Ferry and 360 Feedback prior to coming to the program. When you arrive, we already know you to a large degree.

This program will help you bring to live the clarity of who you are, what you are and where you are in your career and life goals. It will also tell you the areas for improvement whether it will be incremental or transformational. With this clarity, we will use the combination of our extensive experience, and the world best tools designed for CEO, to help you craft your development plan during the personalized coaching session, causing transformation to reach your final goals.

Through the process, you will learn and practice a very important technique of asking the right questions instead of providing the answers which will greatly develop your team, not only on capability but also accountability. We will help you realize that people only trust you when you are genuine and authentic. In most cases, failed leaders did not fail due to lack of IQ but EQ which usually come from:

Lack of self-awareness

Unable to face reality and admit mistakes

Lack passion for company’s mission & value

Lack compassion and empathy for people

Lack the courage to transform the organization

The program will also help you to understand and better develop the diverse team. You will realize that conflict is not your enemy but your friend. You will learn the technique of how to set up and nurture an organization that will have great diverse team that embrace conflict where people can always speak their mind and bring out their best to the group. As a result, you will create an organization that is not only strong and thriving but with the whole that is made better than sum of the parts

You will also help you to realize in your own world the art of selective negligence. Besides having the clarity of your focused vision and goals, you will also identify what you are NOT going to do.



Synopsis: Reinventing a Company to Create Breakthrough Growth

The market is saturated or even declined. Your core products are not giving growth as it used to. The competitors have matched the quality and even with better cost. Your new products that used to help stimulated growth when launched have only been able to maintain the business level at best…. As a result, the company has little to no growth…

On the other hand, cost keeps on rising and with the impact from price cutting via stiff competition, you hardly have any margin left.

…………How can you reinvent the company to create breakthrough growth in both top and bottom lines?

In this program, we will help you reset the perspective about reinventing the business. It is absolutely a great opportunity.  Importantly, there is one thing which we all should remember: the best time to reinvent the business is when you don’t have to. So you should reinvent your business way before the above situation happens!

You will learn the reinventing business model. We will share with you the case study, experiences and best practices including tools which will help you identify the right opportunities that matter in the market/industry, then redefine your business with clarity of what to do and not to do, and set up the organization purpose, strategies as well as the fit-for-purpose organization structure and people to successfully capture the new, reinvented opportunities. More often than not, the hard issue is what to do with the current organization and people, especially when there is merger and acquisition involved. Once again, it is an opportunity if you do it right for the future. We will share with you the experience and best practices that will help you successfully deal with it.



Synopsis: Strategy

Strategy is one of the biggest reasons why a firm succeeds or fails.

Strategy is an integrated set of choices that positions a business in an industry. It tells:

Where a company will play?

How it wants to play?

What it wants to accomplish?

A lot of time, people unnecessarily over-complicated strategy and missed the key points of agility and focus. Through this program, you will understand and be able to use Strategic Development model through the insight generation to formulate strategy that matters in the market/industry, especially in this continuously disruptive environment. One of the key questions in the model that you need to answer is “Should you play by the rules or should you break the category and redefine the new rules of the game?”. You will understand what does it mean by “Hygiene Factor” and the key difference between “playing to win” and “playing not to make mistake”.

Once the right strategy is in place, you will fully understand and able to develop a “strategy house” which orchestrates the whole business plan and the whole company around it in the most effective way.

The best way to learn strategy is through case study and sharing of experiences together with the models. We will go through a large number of cases which will require you to practice (and challenge) your thinking with the models to fully develop and sharpen your strategic development skill to the new level to be ready or even to take advantage of the increasingly dynamic and disruptive world



Synopsis: Finance

You don’t come from the strong financial background. Your strengths in other areas have made you this far. Being the CEO, you now have to give financial direction to the company, making smart choices for financial decisions, making sure that the company doesn’t run out of cash and provide leadership development advice to your CFO.

Because you have little to no financial background, you have been relying heavily on your CFO’s guidance and advices, sometimes assuming risks, taking his/her financial interpretation without one of your own, or backing his or her decisions that you weren’t fully aware of the consequence, and later on, realized that you didn’t like it.

This program will provide you with the essential knowledge and disciplines based on experiences, case study, tools and models that you can practically and effectively use to manage your financial decisions and financial leadership team in your company.

For more sophisticated level, we will provide you with the in-depth knowledge of tools, models, strategic thinking and techniques, interpretation for critical decision making whether it will be financial restructuring of a company, unique but fit for purpose cash-flow management in different situations, or evaluation of the deals in different scenarios based on different approaches and assumptions prior to acquire a company or strike a deal.

We will go through a large number of cases to give you the actuality of what happened when decisions were made through various evaluations and thinking



Who Should Attend?


  • CEO, MD, Business Owner, Senior Government Officer whose decision will have significant impact to the organization
  • 1st line successors of the above
  • Participant should have good command of English language. He or she should be able to read and prepare case studies, understand the presentation and other course materials which all will be in English and able to communicate with international lectures and speakers in English.




Participant should have strong desire to learn and transform because that will be the most important factor to cause his/her transformation

This is an intensive program, therefore, there will be coursework requirement such as reading and case studies for the participants to prepare prior to the session, during the session and in between weeks as an individual and as a group (to be assigned at the beginning of the class)

While lecturers and speakers will bring in their best knowledge and tools in the industries, group work and participants’ interaction will play a key role in this program

Participants are required to do the following on-line tests and feedback prior to attending to the program

Leadership Development Test (KF4D) by Korn Ferry

360 Degree Feedback

Finance Placement Test

The Program Management reserves the right to screen the participants to ensure that we will have the right qualification of the participants coming to this program

Due to the strategic design of the class to make it small (36 people) in order to ensure of the maximum benefits from case study, sharing of experiences, group and individual interaction, the principle of “first come – first serve” will be applied





Gaysorn Urban Resort 

19th Floor, Gaysorn Village, 127 Gaysorn Tower,

Ratchdamri Road

Dress Code:



Smart Casual

AMPC is Being Offered in 2 Different Language Sessions:

Thai  Session:



All supporting course and text materials will be in English, but lecturing and discussion will be conducted in Thai with exception to foreign lecturers


There will be no interpreter provided for foreign guest speakers and lecturers' sessions




Every Friday and Saturday between 18th January to 8th February 2019


Specific Dates for the Thai Sessions:


Friday 18th January 2019


Saturday 19th January 2019


Friday 25th January 2019


Saturday 26th January 2019


Friday 1st February 2019


Saturday 2nd February 2019


Friday 8th February 2019

English Session:




Every Friday and Saturday between 22nd February to 15th March 2019


Specific Dates for the English Sessions:


Friday 22nd February 2019


Saturday 23rd February 2019


Friday 1st March 2019


Sautrday 2nd March 2019


Friday 8th March 2019


Saturday 9th March 2019


Friday 15th March 2019


Session Timing:


08.30 - 18.00 hrs with 2 coffee breaks and lunch in between each day's session




Accepted applicants are required to finish the following on-line test requirements prior to attending to the program:


1) Leadership Test (KF4D) by Korn Ferry


2) 360 Feedback


3) Finance Placement Test


There will be Welcome Dinner on first day and Closing Dinner on the last day of each session