Board Members








Professional Affiliations 


2011      Global Advisor, Kubota Corporation (Japan)


2011      Global Advisor, Kubota Corporation (Japan)


2013      Advisor, The Federation of Thai Industries


2013      Honorable Advisor, Environmental Engineering Association of Thailand


2013      Advisor to the Executive Committee, Mahidol University Foundation


2013      Executive Board Member, Engineer Division of the Anandamahidol Foundation


2013      Member, Advisory Board, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration


2014      Member, National Development and Enhancing Competitiveness Committee


2015      Member, National Committee on Intellectual Property Policy


2015      Member of the Advisory Board, Nomura Holding Inc.


2015      Executive Board Member, Chulalongkorn Hospital


2015      Head of Private Sector for Public-Private Collaborative Committee on Innovation an Digitalization


2015      Head of Private Sector for Public-Private Collaborative Committee on Legal Reform


2015      Member of Public-Private Collaborative Committee on Educational Reform


2016      Member, Governing Committee of Food Innopolis


2016      Member, Screening Committee for Strengthening and Sustainability of the Local Economy


2017      Advisor, Committee on National Reform, National Strategy, and Reconciliation


2017      Member - National Research and Innovation Policy Council


2017      Member – Super Board on National Procurement


2017      Executive Board Member, Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital


2017      Member - National Strategy Preparation Committee for Thailand 4.0


2017      Member - National Reform Committee on State Administration


2017      Member - National Strategic Committee


2017      Member - Subcommittee on Industrial and Digital Innovation Promotion


2018      Advisor to the Minister of Science and Technology


2018      Advisor to the Executive Board on Driving Value Based Economy towards Thailand 4.0 Policy through Innovation Hubs


2018      Member - The Eastern Economic Corridor Policy Committee


Previous Experiences


2005-2015      President and CEO, SCG


2009-2011      Outside Director, Kubota Corporation (Japan)


2013-2016      Director, National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office


2013-2015      Director, National Science and Technology Development Office


2015-2015      Director, National Innovation System Development Committee


2017                Member - Policy Committee of Special Economic Development Zone